We strive to offer an economical, environmentally sound, and convenient way for outdoor enthusiasts to sell their high quality gear. In turn, the gear we sell, will give our customers many miles of reliable service at a very reasonable price.

More than just an outdoor gear store, The Backcountry Pursuit is a place for community involvement and public land stewardship.
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August 28, 2013
Time for Winter Stuff!
Right about now, all the outdoor retailers are placing their orders for the 2014 winter gear. And so are we! Except, we place our order with YOU instead of a company! Starting now, the sooner you get your winter stuff in here, the more eyes will see it and you will have the best chance to sell it. We already sold a few winter jackets, a set of skis, and a snowboard this week. Trust us, you want to be ahead of the curve on this one! And once again, we take consignments any time of the day. Any day of the week. Whenever it is convenient for you, we are here! See ya soon!
March 20, 2013
We are your best option!
Thinking of lightening your load of outdoor adventure gear? Here's a few reasons why you should pick us to help you sell your awesome items. We know you have options and we also know why you should choose us.

1. We have the best rates in the city!
$0-$249.99= 60% to you (Same as other consignment shops)
$250-$499.99= 70% to you (Best in the city by 10%)
$500-$999.99= 80% to you (best in the city by 10%)
$1000+= Negotiable flat rate (We'll BEAT ANY written offer)

2. We've been flat out moving the gear! People have been amazed with how fast we've sold their items.

3. Pawn shops are only gonna pay you 25% of what its worth and they don't have the specialized clientele we have who are LOOKING for YOUR stuff.

4. Craigslist. Ahh Craigslist. Yes, you'll get the most money for your gear. But, do really wanna deal with all of the headaches? We make our percentage for making it EASY for you!

5. On top of all of this? We are totally rad local shop that is a blast to come find great gear at and kill time talking about life, love, and the outdoors.

Now is the time for summer consignments. April and May are the stock up months for all the gear junkies looking for summer gear. That means you should get motivated to get your awesome summer toys down to us here at the Backcountry Pursuit sooner rather than later. Then, when the masses come in all amped up about their summer trips, we'll have your stuff on display and can send it out on a whole new set of adventures.

Thanks to all of you that have become a part of the awesome place we have created here 671 S Capitol. YOUR place to recycle outdoor adventure gear.
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