We strive to offer an economical, environmentally sound, and convenient way for outdoor enthusiasts to sell their high quality gear. In turn, the gear we sell, will give our customers many miles of reliable service at a very reasonable price.

More than just an outdoor gear store, The Backcountry Pursuit is a place for community involvement and public land stewardship.
Wanna know how consignment works at the Backcountry Pursuit?
We don't claim to know it all, but if you want to read more about what we do know,
What's your definition of adventure? We know what ours is.
We are ready for Summer Consignments!
Let's get those summer consignments rolling in! Mark my words, it WILL snow again this year and we aren't quite done with skiing, but we are ready to start changing seasons at Backcountry Pursuit. Backcountry Pursuit runs a seasonal consignment
period, so the sooner you bring your summer items in, the longer they have to sell! We don't run a 90 day consignment period like most consignment stores do.

What are we looking for?

Complete bikes! Our downtown store sold an incredible 174 bikes in 2014. We'll sell even more this year and would love to help you! Bike parts, clothing, shoes, and accessories are great sellers as well.

Camping gear! We sell nearly 100% of the tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, stoves, cookwear, trekking poles, and water filters that come through our door. We always have a ton of people looking for car camping gear as well, so your items don't have to be lightweight for backpacking.

Whitewater gear! Kayaks, inflatable kayaks, SUPs(!), paddles, helmets, throw bags, PFDs, wetsuits, dry tops, splash tops, sandals, and accessories. As a bonus, if you bring your whitewater items to us before the IWA Swap, we'll take your gear there for you and pay the IWA fee out of OUR share.

Summer clothing! Rain gear, tops, shorts, hiking pants, summer footwear of any kind, sunglasses, and more! If it has a good outdoors brand name on it, we want it.

Climbing gear! Shoes are the big seller here. We'll also take bouldering pads helmets, modern harnesses, belay devices, and most types of protection provided it is in fantastic condition. If you wouldn't climb on it, please don't bring it in. No ropes, please and thanks.

Start cleaning out those gear closets and we will see you soon!
Our Eagle Location is OPEN!!
Backcountry Pursuit has opened a second location in Eagle, ID!!

Our second home is at 1545 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Suite 106 on the corner of State St/Hwy 44 and Edgewood. We are located next to Mountain West Bank and Chicago Connection Pizza. The phone number is 208-957-5425.

Backcountry Pursuit has simply exploded over our first two years in business and it was only logical to expand and serve another area in the Treasure Valley. With two stores, we can cover twice the area to find your gear a home, twice the area to pull awesome gear from, and we will be twice the awesome you have shown your love for at our downtown location. We will switch inventory back and forth so our stores will always be fresh and your gear will have the best chance to sell with Backcountry Pursuit.

In honor of our new store opening, we are offering 10% off our consignment rate for any gear consigned at our Eagle location between now and the end of 2014.

We are so excited about this!! Thank you all so very much for making this possible!!!
We are your best option!
Thinking of lightening your load of some excess outdoor adventure gear? Here's seven reasons why you should pick us to help you sell your sweet used gear. We know you have options and we also know why you should choose us.

1. You already love us! In the 2014 Boise Weekly's "Best of Boise" you voted us THIRD best Secondhand Shop (second year in a row), Third Best Outfitter, and THIRD BEST SKI SHOP!!! That's a big deal condidering we've only been in business a little more than two years.

2. We now have two locations! Twice the area to find potential buyers for your gear. Twice the area to pull amazing gear from. Twice the awesome all around! Your store credit is good at either location.

3. We have great rates. Most all of the shops rates around town are pretty similar but we blow everybody away for the expensive stuff. Plus, we give you 10% as an in store credit bonus which some of the other don't.

4. We've been flat out moving the gear! People have been amazed with how fast we've sold their items. We sell 87.2% of the gear that comes through our door. That's nearly 9 out of 10 items folks!

5. Pawn shops are only gonna pay you 25% of what its worth and they don't have the specialized clientele we have who are LOOKING for YOUR stuff.

6. Craigslist. Ahh Craigslist. Yes, you'll get the most money for your gear, but do really wanna deal with all of the headaches? We make our percentage for making it EASY for you!

7. On top of all of this? We are totally rad local shop that is a blast to come find great gear at and kill time talking about life, love, and the outdoors.

Thanks to all of you who have become a part of the awesome place we have created. YOUR place to recycle outdoor adventure gear.
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